Jerry Kogan, President 

  • B.A., English Literature, 1969, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.
  • M.S., Geophysics, 1981, Univ. of Montana, Missoula, MT.
  • 1984 – Present: Founder, owner, and President of CK Software, Inc., a business specializing in the design and development of  customized software, primarily for the health care industry.

  • Designer, Chief Programmer of ck_CompCareTM Occupational Health Management Software.  Written in Clipper 5,2, the software is currently in use in clinics around the country It integrates clinical information, case management, scheduling, billing, immunization tracking, and protocol definition and enforcement in a flexible and feature rich program.
  • Designer, Chief Programmer of ck_MEDICALTM Medical Office Management Software.  Written in Clipper 5.2, the software is used in over 20 offices and clinics in Montana, and, provides physician offices with an easy to use  medical billing, scheduling and patient tracking system with national standard format electronic claim submission. 
  • Designer of ck_MedRules web-based protocol monitoring rules checker. Written in C++ and Perl, ck_MedRules is an innovative software product which addresses the needs of rapidly-expanding health care alliances for a simple and easy to use rules definition and implementation tool, which can be accessed from all sites within an organization, regardless of location, or type of computer system.  ck_MedRules integrates Rapid Form Design, Web Publishing, Rules’ Definition, Rules’ Evaluation, and Action Implementation in one easy to use package.  Its intelligent web forms can be put to use immediately to help streamline the approval process, decrease liability, improve the quality of care, and cut costs. Whenever a predefined rule or protocol is triggered by data that is submitted on a form, ck_MedRules initiates all specified actions: warnings are displayed, email is sent, special forms are printed, or connections are made to other web sites to provide clinical, drug, or other pertinent information. 

  • Principal Investigator of Phase I SBIR research grant “Prototype of Health Care Quality Assurance Software for an Internet Environment” awarded by National Science Foundation in 1997.
  • Principal Investigator of Phase I and Phase II SBIR research grants "Design of Specialized Protocol Software to Monitor Health Care and Case Management Data"  awarded by Health Care Financing Administration in 1995 - 1997.

  • Design, project management, technical supervision, and quality control of complex multi-year database development projects.
  • Database design and organizational skills.  Designs I have setup have held up through more than a decade of sustained use.
  • Detailed understanding of the health care billing and accounting, specifically in situations where third party administrators have a variety of contractual service discount agreements with employers and health care providers while at the same time marking up charges to cover administrative costs.
  • Excellent business and technical writer.  Have written large and complex grant applications and project work proposals with a high rate of success.
  • Designing and writing Web pages with HTML, Perl, and Java Script
  • Professional programming languages, and network operating systems including:
  • Perl, Javascript, HTML
  • SQL
  • Clipper, Fox Pro, dBase, Access
  • Can administer LANs (Novell,  Windows NT Server, Linux).
  • Extensive experience debugging problems in large software applications.  Can also troubleshoot network and hardware problems.
  • Ability to implement testing procedures.

  • Customizing Protocols to Obtain a Competitive Advantage, presentation given at N.A.O.H.P. Sales and Marketing Symposium, May 1997.
  • Protocol Implementations in Occupational Medicine, presentation given at SPAN Conference on Occupational Medicine Information Systems, May 1994.


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